What Rack to Cook Turkey On in the Oven? Full Details

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What Rack to Cook Turkey On in the Oven? Full Details

What Rack to Cook Turkey On in the Oven? One of the most important questions to address when cooking turkey is where to place the bird in the oven to ensure the best outcomes. If the temperature in the oven is too high, the turkey will burn.

What Rack to Cook Turkey On in the Oven

What Rack to Cook Turkey On in the Oven

Which oven rack should I use to roast the turkey? Place the turkey on the lowest rack of your oven since this places the top of the bird in the center of the oven. The sections of the turkey that cook faster, such as the legs and wings, will be lower down and hence cook more slowly — ideal for preventing overcooking.

What Oven Rack Should You Use to Cook Turkey?

Turkeys should be placed in the oven on the lowest rack, in the lowest position. Because turkeys are normally huge, this should keep the top of the bird from touching the top of the oven.

Cooking a turkey properly can be difficult since it is a large piece of food to place in the oven, and there is a risk of the top burning before the bird is cooked through. However, if the turkey is properly positioned, neither the top nor the thinner legs or wings should burn.

Remove any racks that will be placed above the bottom rack. What Rack to Cook Turkey On in the Oven This makes more area for the turkey and improves heat circulation. Set these aside and discard them. If you want to make trays of veggies or other meats, do so separately since you don’t want to stop the heat from reaching the turkey — therefore don’t put them in the oven above the turkey.

Whether you use a convection oven or a normal oven, the positioning remains the same. Positioning the turkey higher up in the oven will result in the meat burning or getting dry in both circumstances. Because it’s low down, it should stay succulent and cook at the same rate as the rest of the chicken.

What Temperature Should You Cook Turkey At?

The temperature will be affected by the type of oven you choose, as convection ovens cook more quickly. Cook the turkey at 350 degrees F in a normal oven. Reduce the temperature of your convection oven to 325 degrees F.

If the turkey is exceptionally small, reduce both oven temperatures by around 10–20 degrees F, as the turkey will cook more quickly. What Rack to Cook Turkey On in the Oven Make sure the temperature is high enough for larger turkeys.

Regardless of the type of oven you have, using a meat thermometer when cooking turkey is a smart idea because it’s critical to ensure that the middle of the meat has reached the proper temperature before serving the bird.

There is a substantial risk of food poisoning if the inside of the turkey is not cooked to the proper temperature. Before you can eat the meat, it must reach an internal temperature of 170 degrees F.

A meat thermometer is the only accurate technique to determine whether the turkey has achieved this temperature on the interior. Before serving, always check the temperature of the meat at its thickest point. You don’t want your guests to get food poisoning!

How Can You Keep Parts of a Turkey From Burning?

The thinner parts of a turkey are occasionally at risk of burning, and you should be mindful of this whenever you place a turkey in the oven. It can be tough to keep a turkey from burning before it is fully cooked, but aluminum foil is usually the answer.

If the legs or wings of your turkey are browning too quickly, you can shelter them with an aluminum foil tent. What Rack to Cook Turkey On in the Oven The foil will still allow the turkey to cook up, but it will insulate it from the oven’s high heat, which should prevent it from burning.

If the bird is burning in numerous places, you can tent the entire thing with aluminum foil, or simply cover the areas that are on fire. This allows you to keep the turkey in the oven for longer periods of time without having to deal with burned meat at the conclusion of the cooking process.

Which way should the turkey be placed?

The breast side of the turkey should be up on the roasting tin, with the wings at the bottom. This exposes the fattest area of the meat to the most heat, at the top of the oven, and ensures that it cooks evenly.

If you place the turkey the other side up, you may encounter issues since the legs and rear of the turkey brown faster. Even if you use aluminum foil, there is a chance of them burning before the breast meat is cooked.

As a result, ensure sure the turkey is positioned correctly so that the breast is exposed to the heat at the top of the oven.

Some people prefer cooking the turkey upside down because it lowers the need for basting, keeps the breast meat from drying out, and can shorten the cooking time. What Rack to Cook Turkey On in the Oven However, this is not the usual method of cooking turkey, and you may need to flip the bird during the cooking period to achieve crispy meat.

It’s worth a shot once in a while, but if you’re new to roasting turkey, stick to the tried-and-true way.


When cooking a turkey, make sure it is placed on the bottom rack of the oven, no matter what type it is. This allows the meat to cook thoroughly, reducing the chance of the thighs and wings burning or the center breast meat being undercooked. Before serving your turkey, always use a meat thermometer.

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